First things first, your analysis and description of the short story really made me want to read it—so I did (I can’t tell you what a feat that is, I have like 100 Substack writing tasks right now). I think touched on the interesting points: perspective (yes, you’re right—and it made me reflect on my own writing), description of music (so hard to do), the notion of the absurd. I love the spring, summer, fall concept.

I really liked the end of the short story, found it satisfying, with never stopping spinning cylinder. I think the best aspect of the short story is the dialogue (you noted the author does it well), it just reads so well, and as any writer knows, dialogue is so difficult!

I think the author is definitely playing with tropes and I appreciate that. Thank you for this captivating post and such a good read. We should definitely collab, I’d love that.

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